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Hello everyone,,I know spam filter has keywords for posts to automatically get put into spam. What I am looking for are those that sometimes do not get caught. I was told there might be a way for me to set up like keywords such as "album" or "MP3" an...
by Darel New Commentator in Khoros Community Discussions posted yesterday
Hello everyone,I'm trying to achieve two things here. Clean up our community database (inactive users)Stop from getting bounced emails from these inactive users (because they left their job and all communication emails bounce)Here is some more contex...
by Abin New Commentator in Khoros Community Discussions posted yesterday
Hi all, I am looking to give a group of trusted customers to have a greater weight in the distribution of bravos. This is so that I can add a more human measure to tell quality posts from non quality content. I recall we can edit bravo weight but can...
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply Friday
Hey fellow Community Managers. I've noticed an increase in backlinking in our Community and I'm trying to decide the best way to deal with it programmatically. In general, if we find that someone is backlinking, we remove the content and ban that acc...
by Occasional Contributor jxwilson Occasional Contributor in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply Friday
Thank you all for joining us at Khoros Engage in Austin, Texas this past week! We will be rolling out post-event resources throughout the month of September. Check out our blog recaps here: Post Event Recap Blog Part One Post Event Recap Blog Part Tw...
by Khoros Staff KatieMa Khoros Staff in Khoros Engage latest reply Friday
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