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Coming up in 2009

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Dawn over Salt Lake.jpgSo, it is almost 2 weeks into 2009, and I thought I'd take some time to talk about some interesting things on the horizon here at the Lithosphere.


First, we deployed our latest platform upgrade to the community on Tuesday night  - not that you will see any visible changes here. A lot of the work was behind the scenes, one of those releases that lays the ground work for great things to come. It's tough sometimes being a SaaS provider when so much of the work goes on in the background. But as the community manager here I appreciate that despite the activity underneath not a ripple touches the surface!


On another note, I'll be taking a vacation during the second half of this month starting on Monday 1/19. Not sure how I pulled that one off, but I'll be taking full advantage of it I promise! While I'm away, Tom Diederich will be stepping in to help out. Many of you already know Tom in his role here as Director of Lithium Moderations Services. Don't let his HAL icon fool you he's a great guy and has assured me he has the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission...Smiley Surprised  Seriously though, I don't think I know a more knowledgeable, outgoing and positive guy than Tom, and I know he'll be more than up to any challenges while I'm away. Thanks so much Tom!


And speaking of changes, we have quite a few planned for next month which I promise will be quite visible! Not the least of these changes will be a reorganization of some of the content here. As with any community, what we think people are going to talk about before we launch and what people actually discuss is somewhat different. Smiley Wink So now that we've had a chance to see where discussions are going (and confirm that these constitute real trends), we're going to shift the structure into alignment with those topics, consolidating where necessary. The difficulty will be keeping the content areas broad enough to cover the topics we want to talk about, while staying within 1-2 boards to make sure we concentrate the activity.


So here's your opportunity to provide some feedback on what you see here: what's worked for content so far, what hasn't, and what 1 or 2 broad topics do you think could cover it all?



photo by jurvetson

About the Author
Scott is a Client Services Engagement Manager at Lithium and the Community Manager for the Lithosphere community. In this role he helps enterprise organizations using social media to locate and engage their brand advocates and influencers to address real business challenges.
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Have a great vacation, Scott! You sure deserve it. 🙂 



Honored Contributor



Glad you are taking a break!    I find a change of scenery can lead to some new insights .


Best wishes!