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Lithosphere hot fixes and updates - 1 June

Community Manager

We have pushed out some new fixes in addition to the ones we pushed on Tuesday.

Latest Fixes

  • Styling to highlight when you have kudoed a post.
  • Case Portal added to Resources module and Home page for users who have access to the case portal.
  • Updated styling for Unfollow button.
  • Lithys Winners page has been fixed.
  • Some cleanup of the moderator tools.
  • Capped height of images in What's Happening in Lithosphere feed.
  • Temporarily disabled message highlighting.

Coming soon

  • Adding in a Top Contributors component.
  • Solutions check mark on solved content.
  • Label filter to enable multiple labels.
  • Aligning kudos buttons on Idea Exchanges.
  • Teaser text for ideas on the Ideas page
  • Breakdown of components (out of the box vs. custom).
  • Editing component “Images not loading” in Profile Page.
  • Fix for User Profile page member (banner) image upload.
  • Review profile page components:
    • Kudos
    • Stats
    • Bookmarks
  • Fix for badges in hovercard from Users Online module.
  • Notification feed missing on mobile.
  • RTE not clearing properly after posting reply.