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Notification issues in Lithosphere

Notification issues in Lithosphere

I saw strange bug today on Lithosphere community as i am not getting any notification for any feeds.



If you check above post, i have received 1 kudo from author on Monday morning.

But its not appearing in  my notification feeds page, see attached screenshot of feeds page as well.


I am not getting notification for the posts I have subscribed after Saturday. I have added one post in the community today morning and I am not getting any kind of new notifications for that as well, and i have not changed any of the settings in between. 

Don't know if its happening for others as well.




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I have only received one notification since Saturday. I have subscribed to all discussion boards and idea exchanges in Community (not Jive) and SMM, Typically receive 10-20 notifications a day so something has definitely broken.


We have noticed this issue on our communities as well - we upgraded to 19.1 on Friday (2/15). Users have been complaining that notifications stopped since Saturday. Is this a known issue impacting all communities?


@AndyK  and @ClaudiusH 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for flagging and apologies for the delay getting back to you. We are investigating the issue.




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