Who's online? Incorrect badges being shown

Who's online? Incorrect badges being shown

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Apologies if that has been reported but the Badges shown when hovering over a user in Who's online? are not accurate. 

I think this might be specific to the signed in user since hovering, and reviewing badges of other users doesn't show a mismatch - my hover, and badges are incorrect only. 

To reproduce: 

  1. Go to Lithosphere, and hover over anyone within Who's online? and make a note of their badges. 
  2. Click on the user to view their profile, and compare the badges shown when hovering, versus the badges shown on the users profile. 

Mine for example shows the 500 solutions, 2000 likes, 350 topics, and 1500 replies. 

The only badger I have thats accurate here is the CM Certified 

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 2.01.51 PM.png

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Thanks for flagging @tyw will get it looked at.




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As per usual you rock @AndyK! Thanks 😄 

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Thanks for flagging. This will be fixed by our next push to production hopefully this week already.

Status changed to: Resolved