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Update on Akamai transition

Khoros Staff

Hey everyone,

As a quick update to the Akamai transition (read more about that here:, we are at a state after much testing and preparing that we can finally start pulling the trigger for some Lithium-JX Cloud customers. If you are a Cloud customer that does not have a vanity URL (meaning, your site's address ends in, Akamai is going to "flip the switch" and transition your Akamai config from the Aurea/Jive one to the new Lithium one on Monday.  This will happen with no downtime and no anticipated impact. If you notice something that doesn't seem right, please let us know!


Occasional Advisor

Can you elaborate on the process and timing for instances that do have a vanity URL?

Khoros Staff
@benfowler, we are still in the process of lining everything up for vanity customers; we have some more verification and testing to do before we can go forward with that. Once we have a date, I'll post another blog post (it will likely be sometime in the next two weeks).