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Ability to LOCK a forum thread after a post within has been marked as ACCEPTED SOLUTION?

What's up my Lith-- Khoros COMMUNITY! 🙂

Question for all: Is there an ability to LOCK a forum thread after a post within has been marked as ACCEPTED SOLUTION?

I've read that developers built some sort of API/functionality to allow this: here aand here. I'm looking forward to bringing this up to our in-house dev ... seems like something he could do!

But first, want to make sure there's anything I can do on my end (in admin) to make this happen.

A lot of our super users are clamoring for a way to keep posts/threads crisp and clean without any new replies 1-2 years later to old posts/threads ... gets confusing for them I'd imagine.

Talk soon!

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Did you find any solution?

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There is no option for it that I am aware of but you could fairly easily accomplish this by having your dev hide the post/reply buttons when a solution is present.

The thread is not 'locked' per se but users will not be able to respond. You could even have this not apply for admins, allowing you to reply if required.

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You could also write some custom code that makes use of this APIs:

I'm not sure what the use case is, but from a user and general engagement experience, I don't know that I would recommend locking your topics right after a solution is accepted. There could still be room for further discussion. Unless of course you're attempting to use solutions in a different fashion, like as an indicator for "closing" a support case or something like that. 

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