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Are there any top tips for the message editor v2?

Hi all, 

I'm adding a lot of content to our community and trying to train others in our business to do so also however I'm finding the message editor (v2) extremely hard to use as are others. Does anyone have any tips for how to use it better and not get some of the issues we are experiencing below?

  1. A way of auto saving so it doesn't lock up on inserting an image and you lose the whole article. I've told people now to mock up in google docs but by the time they've copied and pasted the text and then inserted every image, it is still touch and go if it doesn't lose everything. 
  2. I've told people to save as they go but it seems quite a long-winded save process to save, back to the knowledge-based dashboard, click the item, edit..... is there not a save button that can just save as you go?
  3. Inserting images is a nightmare. Copy and paste does not work as well as it should and it is touch and go if they copy and paste in at all. Those that do then take a really really long time. We've gone back to inserting every image which is so long-winded. 
  4. We have Grammarly plugin for Chrome and Message Editor doesn't like that at all, we have to always power it off in message editor for it to work as it locks up the entire page. 
  5. Huge gaps appear between text and specifically around images regardless of how you get it to look in the editor. Previewing it will add huge gaps in regardless. The only way I have managed to get images sitting correctly is to insert an image into one table cell but then that doesn't look great either. 


These are just some of the things I am finding. Is this just a Khoros Community thing or are we missing a trick and all of this is much easier than I am finding?


Grateful for any advice!

Thanks, Sara

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Hi Sara,

Here is a related thread that might be helpful: Running list of Editor v2 Issues? 

There are some known issues with copy/pasting images. Your last issue I also saw with other types of content - such as inserting code - and I would recommend escalating it to support.

Also, there are some big workflow overhauls coming to the Knowledge Base functionality. It's possible this will address the save draft issues you described. Some more info on this can be found here: Khoros Care and Community Product Roadmap Webinar 


I hope this helps!


Lili McDonald
Senior Community Manager @ Udemy
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Thanks for sharing Lili, I'll certainly have a look at the above. Hopefully an 'Undo' button will be brought in too!