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Does anyone assign badges based on custom profile attributes?

Hiya - Have a ticket into support but figure you all may know some solutions as well. We started utilizing custom profile attributes via the API. The goal for this is to allow our team a better method to assign badges compared with creating dozens of roles.  Instead, we are running a script to set the hidden profile attributes on the user, and then setting badge rules to decide which badge to assign.

Example: We created a badge rule with the following using the help of support and what is documented here

custom.custom_profile_custom_badge_107 != 'default'

We have multiple users who have this set to something beyond default, but it still shows 0 people as getting assigned the badge. At the same time, we can't use any other logic/rules, such as

custom.custom_profile_custom_badge_107 = 'meow'


Here's an example of it all in the sense we think we have this all working properly, but apparently not since users should get assigned a badge but are not. Does anyone have a working version of how they are doing the rule(s) to do anything similar with custom profile attributes?


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We have a profile completion badge, which includes the user having updated their 'homepage feed', which is controlled via a custom profile setting. Unfortunately for you the way we assign this badge is via the profile completion role, which is granted when the user completes the profile experience.

So short answer; Not really, no.

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@Parshant is my personal hero when it comes to API and custom assignments.

He build a customization that assigns users extra points for changing their profile picture from the default. Not exactly the same but perhaps he has ideas.

I think there is a step in between whereby the action assigns the role and the role assigns the points. Not sure if this approach would work for your use case.

I hope he has some tips!

😊Good luck with it! 🍀


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