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How can i integrate user specific lithium blogs to an external site?


i need to intergrate Lithium blogs to an external site, i Need to know how can i achieve this, what apis can i use or can i get a URL and get the blog as a JSON feed or XML??




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Hi Akul and welcome to Lithosphere, Smiley Surprised


It might be possible to user Lithium ActiveCasts to include a Lithium blog in an external sites. On a quick glance I couldn't find a blog widget though. You might just give it a try by pointing a content widget to a Blog node in your community.


See the Admin Guide: ActiveCast.


If that does not work you need to take it to the next level and extract the content using REST API.

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Like Claudius mentioned you may want to start with ActiveCast (depending on your needs), or you can use our RESTful API, which, to answer your question - does indeed provide XML or JSON responses.


Hi all, I want to do a similar thing using the Latest Posts in a particular TKB. However, I only want to display the post title, not the author and date. I don't see options for that in ActiveCast, so does that mean I need to use the API instead?