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Messaging Group Membership

Good day everyone,

Is it possible to message all members of a Group?
Does this need to be with a post; can it be accomplished via private message?
I would like to @ mention or message all members to get their feedback or make an announcement.

Thank you,

Community Manager - Seismic Software
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Hey @RayC  - having a hard time finding broadcast message documentation.


Does a broadcast message send an individual message to several members? Each of them would receive the same note sent direct from me to them?


This is as opposed to a group message in which members could reply all to each other...


Hi @aarontw , check out this Atlas post regarding the feature versions for private messages, specifically v3 for broadcasting a message.

I hope that helps.

Khoros Product Team
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This is what I was looking for and couldn't find! Thank you!!

Occasional Advisor

@RayC is the functionality to send a broadcast message to members of a node still available? I recall seeing it previously but for some reason I only see the Role/Rank options now