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Remove rank for inactive users


My apologizes if this was asked before. I tried searching and found this post, but it's not exactly what we require. It can work, but hoping for something simpler.


We are in the process of changing how user rankings work and I was wondering if it's possible to remove ranks for inactive user? For example, if they didn't login for a year, remove their current rank and change it to another one?


Thank you 🙂 

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We simply assign the Inactive role that changes the rank to Inactive as well.

Curious @karolinalinda - how do you do this? How does Inactive get set?

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@mdfw, we don't have any big philosophy behind the settings. We have a role called "Inactive" and a rank called "Inactive". When we know that an employee is leaving the company, we are manually changing the role to "Inactive" and the rank is then set accordingly:


Thanks @karolinalinda - I was hoping you had an automated process. We're an external community so was thinking along those lines. Gave me something to think about though. Thanks!

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