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Watch Feature on TKBs

I'm thinking this is an idea, but thought I'd ask around first.  I'm thinking it would be nice to have a 'watch' feature on KB articles so I only receive edit notifications for the articles I 'watch' and not all in which I am subscribed.

Has anyone figured out anything similar?

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Hi @jamiemccardle. I think this is an interesting idea. I'm wondering whether you could elaborate with a couple of use cases. Also, Community also has the notification setting that doesn't send notifications for updates marked as 'minor' by the author/editor. Do you see your use case dovetailing with this somehow or would they be totally separate? 

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Members want to receive edit notifications for some articles.   The article will vary based on the user.  For example, User 1 may want edit notifications for a specific reporting type while User 2 only wants notifications for customizations. 


If we use the edit notification setting, they'll get notifications of major or minor (based on the setting) for all articles in Knowledge Bases in which they are subscribed.  They won't receive the ones for only specific articles.  

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