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Gated Blog For Non-Members?


We could use some help with figuring out how to create a blog that only members can access but everyone can see. 

The idea is to create a blog that people visiting our community will be interested in reading and using. We need them to be able to see it but not access all of the blog to have a "preview" if you will. The purpose is to entice them to join the community in order to utilize the blog. 

Is there a way to set up a gate on a blog? We are open to learning all options including custom solutions. 

Has anyone done this? What have you found successful?




Ashley Bragg
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Honored Contributor

@AshleyBragg ,

You can create a private blog, by adding restrictions to user permissions to the blog to read access for normal users. and restrict disable view permissions to anonymous users.


Do you know we work with Kudos and Accepted Solution.

Hi @Parshant ,

Thanks for your response! I could use more detail on this solution. I am looking to place the gate at the article level and have anyone access the blog page. 


What permissions do I need to select?

When I set the default to see the blog and not read the article there are error messages when someone tries to access the article and the must login to see it. 


I need to let people see the blog and have to login to read the posts. What permissions need to be selected? 

Ashley Bragg