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How much does Lithium cost? Can people share their pricing experience with Lithium?

We cannot get any information from their website.
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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi Jack - Lithium is a SaaS based community platform that prices based on a couple of factors: amount of content served each month (we're agnostic on the number of users and don't price on 'seats'), plus then the types of community features you use, ie: do you have Facebook integration or Twitter integration, do you use our moderation services, do you have integrated video etc, do you have SSO (single sign on) or CRM integration needs. One of our team would be very happy to call and talk through the options with you if you want? Of course please feel free to talk to other users about their experiences, they will all be a little different based on their implementations. Let us know if we can help?
Paul Gilliham
Lithosphere CM / Director, Digital/Community Strategy


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We found Lithium to be priced very competitively vs principle competitors in 2007 when we selected them as our strategic platform.  I think the expenses have scaled fairly well with our particular use case and we have added additional features over time. I believe those features will hold even more value as their usage ramps up.


If someone just wanted to  do one thing, perhaps blog, I don't know that I would say this was the best way to go.  But, if someone had an eye to build out a community that could be integrated with other aspects of their web site, and they wanted to engage customers or partners in multiple ways and across multiple languages, and wanted to integrate into CRM and prominent social networks like twitter, facebook, and wanted a rich set of platform analytics and the opportunity to integrate with a social listening platform to better understand the qualitative aspects of the discussions (topics & sentiment), then this is a good road to start down.