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Managing Ideas

Hi everyone! 

We are just working on migrating to Khoros now, but I wanted to get some feedback from the community on how you go about managing the ideas you have?

Our ideas are currently tracked in Jira where we can post private internal comments on the ideas and then link them when needed to our development tickets (which also helps with reporting).

I'm looking for some feedback on how you keep track of which ideas have which statuses and are being worked on and then update them accordingly? How does your product management team comb through all of the ideas and manage them? I saw but this is a manual effort it seems, and ideally we would prefer something automatic (using the Bulk API maybe)

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Hi @Nconforti,


You are smart to think about these issues now before you migrate because they are difficult challenges and very important. Having a ticket in Jira for each idea sounds like a great system and it's probably overdue that Khoros thinks about how to better facilitate exporting of data rather than just leaving it to customers to try to wrangle with the API.  


I launched an ideas exchange at my previous organisation and learned a lot of lessons the hard way. Customers certainly loved it. In two years we received around 2500 ideas, over 10,000 votes and over 6000 comments. 


As I've mentioned before in this community, my number one recommendation before you proceed with a formal and public idea exchange is make sure you have firm commitment from your product management team about their level of involvement. Train them to use the system in a staging environment before launch so they can get a feel for how to respond to clients, change the status of ideas, search for posts, export data, etc. Deal with any concerns they have prior to launch.


At my previous organisation I got commitment from the head of our product management team that all the product managers would be active, but it was a constant struggle to keep them involved as they initially didn't find it easy to use and were soon overwhelmed by the size of the task. Responsibility for the platform ended up falling on my support team. 


You can expect customers to love the idea exchange, but managing it does require significant time investment. Don't underestimate the level of management required, particularly as time goes on. It is a big commitment and can have huge rewards if you get it right. But it's also a very public window into your organisation and needs wise management.


Good luck,






Hi @JasonHill 

Thanks for your tips! We already have an active idea exchange, it's just currently in Jira, not Khoros. The goal is to move it over to Khoros so that everything is integrated into one site. 

I'm more interested in how your product managers watch the ideas? Do they get exported lists of all ideas? Are these stored in some database somehwere? How do they manage the link between the development side and the idea? Such as when a developer finishes a feature and the idea status needs to be updated. 

I'd appreciate any tips!