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Re: Slack Integration

Thank you for your reply @NickH 

"From a Khoros community roadmap perspective, we aren't planning to deliver a slack integration this year as our primary focus is on CRM, but it is certainly being discussed and evaluated against other integrations we can productize. Beyond CRM, our focus this year is on improving our platform capabilities and our integration framework to make these types of integrations easier to develop and maintain."

I am sorry to read this is not on the immediate roadmap, but I can seek "Plan B." I can see Slack integration as the new "reply by email:" community members will get a notification (this brings up a new opportunity for Lithium to improve the ability to follow people, places, and content), and posting to Slack will add the comment or answer into the discussion within the community.  Can you share Lithium's ideas of how they believe this will work and what the customer experience will be?

Thanks again for your reply Nick.



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