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Use an identity broker to allow users selecting their prefered login option

Hi guys,


I'm thinking about the possibilities to add more than one (SSO-) login provider to our community. Our community user pool is made of different target groups (business and privat customers, customers of a specific product, ...). All of these groups using other applications in addition and all of these applications have different identity providers (IDP) in usage.


Our primary goal is to enable the best SSO UX for each of these user groups, which means we want to offer the opportunity to choose from a list of IDPs. Therefore we're thinking about using a middleware solution, which acts as an identity broker. I found this picture, which should explain our goals:Source:

Has somebody think about a similar use case and would like to share his/her thoughts on it?


I already found some posts/ideas to this topic here and here. Unfortunately, they are a bit older and lost focus.


Thanks and best regards,


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