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A list of all URLs on community

So I have been asked to obtain a list of every single topic/blog/tkb on our forum, which based on my investigation is likely to be around 90-100K results. Given the limits in LSI and the fact there is no reporting in Community Admin that includes the URLs (that I am aware of) I was wondering if anyone else has been tasked with a similar request.


Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get this information out of the platform?

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Not fun!


I would do it in Google Analytics. Under Behaviour, Site Content, All Pages, then export the result.




We don't use GA anymore but I suspect that has the same shortcoming of Omniture in that only pages with activity are returned.

I was hoping there was some way export a list. I have been playing around with the API but I have had little exposure to making API calls so I was hoping that someone had already found a solution 😄

Hello @DanK,


Did you try

You could download the sitemap generated in .xml format and export it to an excel.




You could try too.




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