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Auto Response for certain boards

We have a community where most of the threads are fault reports for different technologies. Due to the amount of threads it takes a few days for the employees to reply. Often they need to ask basic questions the user could have checked beforehand. We need an automatic response that forwards the user to the service bot that already exists on our company website.


I found this older thread:

It sounds like the wanted feature doesn't exist, did something change in the meantime?

We already have an automatic e-mail that is sent to our employees if the thread doesn't  get a reply within a cetain amount of time. But what we need is an instant reply in the thread so the user uses the bot first. Preferably we can select the boards where the auto response should be sent. Hoping for a positive reply 🙂

Kind regards


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No ideas? 😞

@J1897 At this time, this is not a feature that is part of our Communities product, unfortunately.  The only option for this new would be to scope a customization to submit a reply to the thread automatically via a script - I'd recommend asking your CSM to get you in touch with our Services team if that is an immediate need.

On the Product side, I definitely agree this is a common use case and there would be a lot of benefit for users getting a quick response, even if it is automatic. I will consider your idea with our Communities product team. 

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

@J1897, this is a similar idea that might be worth a vote.

[Feature Request] Auto-lock old topics

@LarryI , I would LOVE to see this OOTB in the future platform 😉 


Using the Reply By Email option might be your best choice for this right now. The hard part will be getting the link out of the email body to use for the response. Some scripting would be required, but it's not impossible.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Thank you so much Larry 🙂

You've got my Kudo @tyw  🙂

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