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Bulk API availability

Hi Community,

I'm making daily requests to the Bulk API in order to get the previous day's data. This requests happens at 7am UTC.

However, it seems to vary if I get data or not. At the moment, I don't even get the records from 2 days ago. Well, I get the response but the file is empty.


Does anyone have an idea what time the previous day's data is usually ready?

Help would be very appreciated so I can schedule my request properly!


Best regards,


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Hi @Troji,


Usually, the bulk data csv gets generated by 10 AM UTC. However, Lithium suggested executing the API at 12 noon UTC as we also faced a similar issue earlier. Therefore, we have adjusted our scheduler accordingly.

If you are receiving blank rows for a certain date, try re-executing the API the next day. If your still receive blank rows, you may want to raise a support ticket with Lithium to further investigate.


Hope this helps!





Thank you for your answer!

I'll keep this in mind and change my schedule appropriately.


Best regard,


Hi Srujana,

We have similar kind of requirement that we need to connect BULK API from Informatica ETL tool to load data into our Vertica Database.

We got all the information on community forum(like Client id,community id,access key etc...) Since we are new to this Khoros process, we are not sure how will we connect to this Bulk API and download the csv/Json file.

we tried to connect with GET and curl command but ended up with some errors. Could you please help us to provide any URL(other than BULK API documentation) which can help us to start with the process of downloading this file with Informatica ETL tool or at least from any of our Linux/Unix box.

Thanks in advance

Hi @msmsmsma,

We use curl command for generating the Bulk Data file - same that is mentioned in the Bulk Data API documentation.


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