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Can you import or paste a mix of images and text?

Our technical writers often compose lengthy content with inline images for PDF output via Adobe Framemaker.  To date, we've been just attaching PDF files to our community posts.  This is however cumbersome and far from state-of-the-art where online help/community help is concerned.

We'd like to save our members the step of downloading a PDF and instead have that same content appear directly in a Khoros article.

  • No extra download steps.
  • No loading up a PDF reader and so forth.

So far, it's not clear to us how to efficiently put the content into Khoros that has been composed elsewhere (e.g. Framemaker, WORD, whatever) that contains a mix of text and images (usually screenshots from our software).

Ideally, we'd like that content to also retain as many other of the original formatting attributes as possible too (like heading styles) so that the Khoros on-screen experience resembles the PDF experience as much as possible.

The real tricky part seems to be images though.  It seems like Khoros only expects you to add images to an article one at a time (drag and drop?) then fiddle with the image size and other attributes to make it look decent. It seems such a shame to have to do that work twice -- once for the sake of the PDF production and a second time to re-create that same "document" in Khoros.

Does anyone have a workflow for this that comes a little closer to killing 2 birds with one stone?  Is there some sort of import feature I haven't found yet?

Note that Framemaker has a number of export options (in addition to PDF) so if there is some go-between format that Khoros plays nice with and will import somehow, I've got some options (including HTML5).


Thanks to all!

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