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Capabilities for Personalized Landing Page?

We are starting to plan our communities.  We've received a bunch of ideas on the topic of personalized landing pages.  Both department-specific and personal preference related. 

To what extent is this possible with Khoros?  

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Are you going to be using one of the hermes themes, your own styling out of box, or a combination of something?  And do you have an engineer/developer on the team/using a third party to help with launch?

Out of box, you are fairly limited. I believe the newer themes can help a bit, but it's still going to be plug and play mostly (Using custom content components, you'll have the ability to add text in various places around the page).  You also can geek out with code here as well to do almost anything. And that can trail into the fact you can build anything on top of Khoros if you want.  

We're relaunching a lot of our community at the end of the month, but some newer sections like our Academy is built on Khoros, but everything is customizable from the welcome image/text, to the tiles that show, down to all the child sections inside of there. We're not using any out of box components for this though, and instead built new things on top of the existing platform.

Hope that made some sense.

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