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Creating a Private Board for Certain Users



I'm looking for some instructions on how to create a board that only specific users can view. Where is the setting to make it private or allow certain permissions to access?

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if needed I can provide more granular detail but essentially you need to:


1. Create the board and hide from lists so you don’t get people posting in it whilst your editing permissions 

2. Set the default permissions for this board to deny so that as a default no user has access. 

3. Create a role at the board level and edit the role permissions for said board to GRANT for things like view discussions styles, start topics etc 

4. Add users to the new role and they will get access to board whilst everyone else doesn’t. 


You can then also remove it from being hidden and as a best practice create the role again at the root level with exactly the same, this will allow you to manage who does and doesn’t have access must easier. 


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@MarissaNeilson : Check this Document for more information.


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Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Illindra

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