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Does Lithium support photos contests?

We want registered consumers to post their photos on a website. Them photos shall be quoted by all visitors (not only registered ones)

Does Lithium provide this functionality?

Is lithium able to mesure visitors/returning visitors and how many quotes have been given by a single visitor/person?

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Khoros Expert

The answer to your first question is : absolutely YES !! Our Contest module is build for this (along with text and video contests).


Here's some inspiration for you :

- Leroy Merlin France :

- Sony Electronics Europe :

- C'Vous (Casino) for product (pictures) contest :


Somebody else will probably answer to your second one you in a more detailled but the answer is yes too since our Analytics are extremely deep and detailled (See Lithium Social Intelligence Module) 🙂

Arnaud Lerondeau
Principal Solutions Consultant
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Your second question is really composed of two questions again. Let me answer separately to both.


1) Is lithium able to mesure visitors/returning visitors?


I always try to keep things simple and only do them once. On that principle, I would measure the visitors, visits and returning visitors in your portal's analytics (either Adobe or Google) rather than anywhere else. This will ensure a consistent measurement and will allow you to analyse customer journey across your portal. You want to be able to measure Lithium's effect on conversion rate, increase shopping and increase basket size. You can only do that if you can follow the customer journey across the community and across you whole portal.


2) How many quotes have been given by a single visitor/person?


One way you can look at the "Lithium Community Platform" is as a "conversations repository" in the cloud. We have a set of API for every module or stage of the platform. Every action is attached to a user. So, yes, you can retreive any conversation from any part of the structure of your community related to any specific member of the community. Additionaly, the information of each member's profile can be accessible depending of your configuration settings.


Hope this helps.

Thank you for your answers!
Do you want me to only ask one question at the time? Pls let me know!

For what I found out it is an absolute must to be loged in to the community to vote, sure for the examples given above.

What I am trying to find out, is how can a user vote for an image... can you give kudos, stars what ever in amount more than one at the time (like I give you 4 out of five stars).
Does Lithium also provide the feature of the duell (you show two images at the time and the user will vote for one. Next round the same procedure)
This is marketings proposal...

Yes, 5 star ratings can be used on contests by utilizing the context_ratings:

However, you'll need to manually remove kudos from the quilt or both will display.
Kris S.
Senior Manager, Technical Support


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