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Editing "Locked" Custom Components?


How do I edit a custom component that was originally created by the Professional Services team? We've created custom components on our own before, but now we want to update some of the ones that was previously done by the PS team. I don't see an area in Studio to do that.  Are these custom components locked? 

The custom component in question is:


and we want to add the pageview counts.


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Are you able to see the component name in the custom component list in studio 

As per my knowledge khoros components we cam use it in the quilts but can’t able to access the code


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Abhishek Illindra

Yes, I can see the name of the custom component but I don't know how to access the code for it. 

Hi @jennychiu1nyp : Are you seeing component in the following location:


Studio--> component



Abhishek Illindra

No, I do not see them in Studio --> Components. 

I see them in Page -->Components --> Custom Components. 

@jennychiu1nyp, you should still be able to navigate to the component by manually adding its name to the component= query parameter in the Studio URL.  (e.g. /t5/bizapps/bizappspage/tab/community%3Astudio%3Acustom-content?component=theme-lib.load-more-messages)

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