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Email missing data for place holders

We have some users in our community (currently only one user that I know of) that seem to consistently get their notification emails without most of the data in them. I have no clue where to even start looking on this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Note: The fuzzed out parts are titles of posts that do actually appear. However, the links themselves just go to:



Jesse - GoDaddy Community Manager
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@JesseW-GD - Interesting. This seems highly unlikely for an end user to actually get this. If possible, try and confirm the following from the user and on your end:


1. Can you verify this on your end somehow? Trigger the same email and see if you or others get this issue.

2. Is this the only email coming without values for this user or all the emails which he is getting are like this?

3. Was it just a one off chance or does he have a lot of these. Also, when did he first get this. If you get an answer to that, you could start checking in studio if you did make any changes on or around that date in the email templates. If yes, try restoring the email template to default to verify it again.

I feel it could either be just a one off issue, which might be at the server level, where the velocity simply missed the values due to lag, no response or server time out etc, but it could only be treated as an issue if it's been happening over and over for this and other users.

I hope this helps.

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