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Forum Templates


Does anyone know if we can template a forum post? We use forums for a specific communication need on our community and would like to template one of those comms styles for a specific role?

Is any of the above possible?


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Are you referring specifically to templates in the sense of how TKB's allow you to create templates for someone making an article?  if so, no, Khoros doesn't have that.  You could utilize the API to create a unique front-end to post the message in a specific format as a last ditch effort, but nothing out of box really that I could think of.

@sarajaynerow - As @StanGromer mentioned, there is no OOTB way to do this, but this can be customised to achieve this for specific roles. Let me know if you'd like to know/ talk more about this, we do have some examples around this.


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Thanks both for the messages. We have a relationship with Grazitti already so we will ask our reps based on your response @VarunGrazitti ! Thanks so much

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