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Launching a new private category and allowing folks to access it.

Hello Everyone, 

I hope I'm posting in the right place...

I'm planning to launch a new PRIVATE category for our executive team. The new private category can only accessed by former employees. 

Assuming I manage to successfully create the private category, what would be the best way to allow the former employees into the new category? 

Also, do you suggest I display the name of the category in the pull-down menu? (Should it be visible to all, but only accessible to the former employees?)

Any ideas/tips or guidance is welcomed! 

Thank you! 

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We have both Partner and Employee sections in our community. You only see those navigation items if you belong to that role. As such, we use roles to manage it all. If you are a Partner, we put you into the Partner role, which grants you access to the Partner section.  Repeat for Employee. You could do the same with a 'former employee' role, then just only grant permission to that section for those users.

You could also just use a Group Hub for this entirely, depending on what you are trying to do with it exactly.




Thank you for your response Stan. I believe we're going to utilize the Group Hubs feature as it seems to meet our requirements better since it offers a way for our former employees to ask permission to join the Group. 

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