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Merging multiple blog boards while retaining subscriptions

I have 3 Khoros Community blog boards that I want to combine into a single board to simplify our community structure. When doing this I'm seeking to ensure that all the people who were originally subscribed to the 3 blogs end up continuing to be subscribed to the single remaining blog. This is to avoid having to re-subscribe all our users to the remaining blog.

Can anybody think of how this might be achieved? So far I have not been able to find how/where to combine multiple boards into one while retaining all the subscriptions.

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Thanks @VarunGrazitti. The info on that article makes sense, but I don’t see anything there that directly gives a hint on how to handle my scenario here. In particular - how to preserve all subscriptions that exist across 3 boards when we rationalise them down to 1 board.

Sure, let me add @VikasB to help you on your instance.

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Thanks @varun 

@cgrinton Nice to meet you. I sent PM to you.  

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