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New Atlas Sign In

I like the new sign-in on the Atlas community using an email address instead of a username.  Can anyone find documentation on how to achieve this in our communities?

We're using sso via jwt for some products and I'd like to also include an option that if a user has an email address associated with an account that also has a sso ID, it will skip the password option and add a message saying they should access community directly from the product.

Has anyone done this?

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Community Manager

Glad you like the new login flow. I'll let others chime in on how they may have done it, but our blog has some rationale behind our login flow change, for context.

Essentially, we had users who were confused by the "Marketing Customers" and "All Other Users" buttons on the login page, so we changed the login fields to ask for your email, then auto-check it against SSO accounts. If you have one, you get sent to the SSO login page, and if not, you're asked for your Atlas password.

In other words, this was just a change in the flow / a few data fields, versus an SSO plugin or integration of some kind. Hope that helps!

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