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New version of homepage - best practice for successful release

We are about to release important changes to the community homepage, we have tested the new homepage in studio with all devices (desktop. tablet and mobile) and created a test user account to mimic the access rights of a visitor. What is the best practice to ensure a successful release? What needs to be done to roll back to the previous release in case of technical problems?

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Hi @Inactive User; Create a custom page in the community and map it to the Home Page layout and create an AB Tester role and only user with this role can able to access the new Design Page.


Please find this article for creating custom page:


One more option after pushing code from Stage to Production using studio publish option we can able to preview it in the Production Instance without Going Live into the Production and even after pushing into Production we can able to easily revert to the Previous Version


Check this Article for Preview  and revert:


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@Inactive User - 


The best approach for deployment is to put the community in maintenance mode.  Which can be done using below ways. 


1.  Raise a ticket to lithium support, they can put your community into maintenance mode. However the issue with lithium OOB maintenance approach, it wouldn't allow even administrator to access the community. 



2. Set up a custom maintenance page, and redirect all the user(visitors and normal users) to a new custom page and allow only admin or moderator to access the community.  With this approach, you can confirm if there is an issue in production for the homepage. 

Also, you wouldn't need to rollback as the normal users and visitors won't be able to see any issue, they will be redirected to the custom maintenance page. Once the issues have been fixed, you can remove the redirection for all the users. 


Here is the knowledge base for this purpose


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