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Possible to have multiple 'Mailer Email Sender Name' for Community mailer?

Hello folks, 


Wondering if it's possible to have more than one 'Mailer Email Sender Name' for a Community? Pretty sure that it is not, but want to confirm. 

For example, our outbound subscription emails say from 'The xxxx Community' we'd like to add additional sender names, so for a subscription to a forum, the mail might use from: 'The xxxx Community'.

For our blogs, the mail might say from: 'xxxx Seller News'

and for Group subscriptions, the mail might say from: 'xxxx Community Groups'


Thanks in advance for any help. 

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@AlanA: It is not possible to set different Mailer name for different Application.


Try customizing Email templates it mayn't be the perfect solution for your use case just providing my thoughts


Check more about Email Templates:


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Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Illindra




Awesome, thanks for the information, @AbhishekIlindra

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