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Potential SEO issues post 18.12

Hey Everyone, 

Not sure if everyone has had 18.12 land on their community yet however it boasts some SEO enhancements however since 18.12 I'm constantly getting alerts from google search console about errors with my SEO specifically around the Q&A structured data scheme. 


  • Missing field "mainEntity.answerCount"
  • Missing field ""


  • Missing field "mainEntity.suggestedAnswer.url"
  • Missing field ""
  • Missing field "mainEntity.text"
  • Missing field "mainEntity.dateCreated"
  • Missing field "mainEntity.suggestedAnswer.dateCreated"

This has been raised with support and currently, on a bug backlog, I'm just curious if anyone else has observed this since 18.12 was pushed to live. 



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Thanks for this thread @Fellsteruk .

We are on 19.1 and I'm getting errors and warnings still so I've reached out to support.  

Out of curiosity has anyone seen Q&A results in Google search results yet? I've been trying to find an example from a Lithium/Khoros community but I see the normal search results only. I know it takes some time but if anyone has any examples I'd love to see it 🙂 

Hi folks, we're on version 19.8 and seeing the same errors in the search console. Has anyone had any progress with fixing this?


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I've had support turn off the feature due to the errors 

Just curious, has anyone gotten this to work, or seen it working in a Khoros community?

I am really confused at this point too - is this a bug on the Khoros side, or do community managers/developers need to do something? 

I got around the errors by creating overrides, such as this one for example:

<div itemprop="author">
    <@delegate />


But that's very hacky and cumbersome, so an out of the box fix would be ideal.

Check out our submission for the 2021 Customer Awards and give us a Kudos!

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