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Put Content "Behind a Wall"

Hi there! 

We're thinking about launching a blog and putting it behind a login - forcing users to authenticate to access the content. Is it possible to do this on a Khoros community? If so, how? And will we be able to pull a list of all the users who logged in to view the page?

Thanks for any help! 

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Hi @AlanA,

I am not aware of any Khoros OOTB functionality that handles this type of behaviour; but we have customized something similar in our community for forum posts, where some specific posts will require the user to sign in in order to view the content.

You can PM me if you would like to discuss the solution.



Hi @AlanA,

wouldn't it work to proceed analog to creating a private board/category?


But I wouldn't say, that there is a way to view a list of users, who logged in to view the page/blog.




Khoros Staff

As Srujana mentioned, this is not available OOTB but might be achievable with some custom work.

OOTB you could do 2 things:

1. Like Jürgen mentions, a private category that houses the blog for which you could see member metrics in Community Analytics (CA->Content->scope to category->Members tab or use filters in other CA menus). The caveat here is that you will need to create and assign a special role to the members that need to access this category.

2. You could use the new Group Hubs feature and create a Closed or Hidden Group Hub for the members that need access to the blog. You will be able to control membership and have dedicated metrics for Group Hubs in Community Analytics. More on Group Hubs here.

Dany Simionescu | Community Strategist

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