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Spam Quarantine - Who marked as spam?

One challenge I’m finding is being able to identify who marked a post as spam, was it the system or a moderator?

I know I can use the audit log based on the post ID to see but this isn’t an efficient use of time so I was wondering if it is possible to include a small note in the spam quarantine next to each post indicating who marked it as spam? 

Regardless of doing this possible or not how do you handle identifying who marked a post as spam in a community with several moderators?


Do you rely on the audit log or are you using another process?

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Khoros Staff

I want to hear how other community teams are handling this on Khoros but wanted to share this similar idea to add to the discussion: Add reason to "Marked as Spam" posts

The way our internal moderation teams will handle these types of posts, we'd simply isolate a specific post marked as spam that required investigation then dive into the Audit Log to determine how the post was marked. 

In order to measure the effectiveness of the tool, it would require a lot more of that same task.  I do agree that this would be nice to see at a glance.

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

@tyw  Did you ever get an answer? I had this same question tonight.

Hi @mdfw ,

Does your community use bulk data API? If yes, you can find this information by filtering content using 'moderation.reject' action key. 

Our community heavily depends on the 'moderation.reject' and 'moderation.approve' action keys to get this information.

Refer to this documentation for more information on bulk data API.

Hope this helps!


@mdfw , I did not get a answer but it looks like @srujanayeruvaka provided some guidance that I'm going to check out shortly. Thanks @srujanayeruvaka!

@srujanayeruvaka - I believe we have access but are not currently using it. I'll go take a look at my options there. Thank you!

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