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Tracking "Accepted Solutions" email

Hello ya'll 

I'm curious to how you are or have been tracking accepted solutions emails. 

We currently have ours set to 2 days after the OP has been responded too. I'm wondering if you have some interesting ways of doing this. link trackers or do you just run a report for x period of time, then change the default day to 3 and check the results again. 

Not sure if there is a way to get visibility on if people are even clicking any links or opening those emails. 




Community Manager at AppDynamics
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Hi Ryan,

I checked back on this topic a few times to see if there was a reply yet, as I'm also interested in what others are doing. Did you make a decision on how to move forward?

Also, there have been a few product ideas in the past around building these types of metrics into the platform so we don't have to use third-party tools.


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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I have not taken anymore action on this. Was really hoping to see more feedback from what others are doing. 

Seems like 3rd party tools would be the only way. 


Community Manager at AppDynamics

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