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What does "float this item to the top" mean for a board / category?


Many of the options within the "⋮ Options" menu seem a bit old-school / un-loved-by-the-UI-gods - but there's one that is particularly mystifying to me:

"Float this item to the top" on a category or board (screenshot below)

image.pngI know what "Floating" is for a particular message, but what does it mean for a board or category? Is this something that was relevant in Lithium a long time ago but is no longer relevant?

If nobody can tell me what it's actually for... do you happen to have the appropriate CSS for me to hide it? 😄

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@CarolineS  - "Float this item to the top" in Board Pages actually displays that particular board at the top of the board list. Let say, on category pages, you have a listing of all the boards within that category, and when you choose "Float this item to the top" option, then the selected board will display first.

Please let me know if this helps.


Payal Uppal

Ah, interesting. Thanks for the info! But can't you just manage the order within the admin console? Or is this for an individual to select which boards show up first , for themselves only?

I'd be really curious to get numbers for how many end users use this feature, if it is indeed an end-user feature. I don't think this kind of data is tracked by Lithium, but maybe a bunch of us could do some sort of Google tag manager (or other) implementation to get some data. If it's used by very few, it should go away (or at least be an admin-configurable option to remove it).


@CarolineS - This feature is only for individual users.

If you want to hide it, then you can use the following CSS:



.dropdown-default-item a.lia-link-navigation.addBoardUserFloat.lia-link-ticket-post-action.lia-component-subscriptions-action-add-board-user-float {
 display: none;



Please let me know if you have any questions.



Payal Uppal

Fantastic, thank you! I'll do this (and hide some other stuff while I'm at it).


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