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What % of your users are subscribed to emails?

Hi all!


We're launching on Lithium in a few months, and are trying to benchmark exactly how critical email-subscribe status is to engagement.

Our concern is that many of our users are un-subscribed from our system emails (and we will honor that status and have them unsubscribed from community emails as well, by default). 

How important have email notifications been in driving engagement on your platform? Are any of you successfully driving engagement *without* email notifications?

Any insights are helpful! Thanks!

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Hi @james_D_

I would recommend finding a solution that will let you send email notifications. e-mail notifications, in my experience, are a vital part of driving engagement and discussion. With the best will in the world your users are not going to sit on the community 24/7 waiting for a reply.

Most users tend to have email notification on a topic they are subscribed to set to immediate so it draws people into a discussion rather than post and forget.

I might start with the system the way you propose but then have some sort of promotion or adoption drive to get users to enable email notifications for the community. Just make sure you do not tie community e-mails to your system emails, give your users the choice to have one but not the other.

Kind regards

Hi @allensmith81


There are no metrics on notifications on how often they are send out and click throughs/engagement coming from it.


Perhaps you want to add some comments to this idea? or post your own for improvements.




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Oh, and I just stumbled across this post from @CarolineS

"I just implemented a pretty nifty little enhancement - I added Google Analytics tracking codes (UTM) to each of the links in the standard Lithium-sent emails. So, now I have some visibility into how much traffic these emails are generating."


Perhaps it is useful.





Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

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