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examples of getting notifications shown in notifications feed using rest api


We would like to get the user notifications (as seen in notifications feed) from Khoros and show it in another custom web application. For this we have been looking at rest API to see if we can get the notifications using the REST API v1 or v2.

I have found the following 2 links:

This API, I am not seeing examples of how to invoke this and get notifications.

This API, I see response details as

<response status="success">
    <notification type="notification">
      <notification_type type="enumeration">board</notification_type>
      <target type="object" href="/messages/id/1271"/>
    <notification type="notification">
      <notification_type type="enumeration">kudos</notification_type>
      <target type="object" href="/threads/id/3"/>

With just this href thread, will we be able to construct the notification message as shown in the notification feed?

Is there any other way to get the notifications out of Khoros to be displayed in another custom web application?

Any help in this regard would be of great help.

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Khoros Staff

Hello @prasanth
You can use following call to get all the notification of a user:


As a response you will get the notification list in XML format and you can use the data to show it as an appropriate UI.

I hope it helps.

Abhishek Gupta

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