5 Takeaways from "Let's Be Frank" with Drew

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



 “Let’s Be Frank”: A phrase used to summon honest opinions, insights, and ideas without any hesitation, judgment or embellishment. 


Precisely, what we had here at Lithium on March 17th. Our first “Let’s Be Frank” thought leadership series event of 2016 was St. Patty’s themed, honing in on marketing expertise from Lithium’s CMO & GM Lithium Social Web, Katy Keim (@KatyK) and Social Strategist, CEO of Renegade Marketing and author of The CMO’s Periodic Table, Drew Neisser (@DrewNeisser).


Katy broke the ice with our “Pivot Questionnaire,” learning that Drew once harbored  dreams of being Dale Earnhardt… Instead, he elected to pursue the marketing route, which has worked out swimmingly for him. We also learned that Drew prefers Pepsi over Coke, Twitter over Facebook (with 23.7k followers, I would prefer Twitter too), and given the choice between grapes or grain, he’s a fan of wine.


While marketers from the greater Bay Area and Lithium employees indulged in corned beef sliders, Katy and Drew dove into their personal knowledge bases, chatting about what the two of them have come to know, learn and love about the progressive world of marketing.



Here are my 5 key takeaways from their discussion: 


  1. Your company’s most powerful point of reference is customer word-of-mouth.Marketing as Service,” not to be confused with “Marketing as a Service,” is the willingness and ability to make a transaction or interaction about your customer, not about your business objectives. A company offering quality service is better able to market their company’s business when the customer has a positive experience to share with their peers.
  2. There is no “one size fits all in marketing. After Drew interviewed hundreds of CMOs and learned about their natural and learned tendencies, he noted that “there are lots of situations. Good marketers will look at different situations and bring the right elements together to make magic.”
  3. Creating a community is creating an experience. This experience goes far beyond having customer support reply to a post on your company Facebook page. Social Customer Service can be a cost or an opportunity depending on how you look at it; essentially, a complaint on a media channel could be an opportunity.
  4. Marketers are “Cool CATS. Drew has developed this acronym for the common traits he sees in marketers. The “C” in CATS - is for courageous; requiring marketers to think big and bold… maybe even “outside of the box”! “A” is for artful, meaning that marketers have an appreciation for fresh perspectives as well as their own and others’ creative tendencies. “T” is for thoughtful; a thoughtful marketer will demonstrate the utmost care for their customers via thoughtful initiatives. Lastly, the “S” is for scientific. Scientific marketers are able to measure the health of their brand through metrics and data analytics.

  5. Marketing done well can transform an organization. Katy believes that business lies in complexity between people and the marketing department can holistically set the culture for a business. Through observation and experience, the two also shared that the “inert fundamentals” of being a master of marketing include, but are not limited to, building and defining your personal brand, being a good listener to better understand customers, and staying relevant as the world around us is exponentially evolving.





The evening ended with a final round of Irish libations, Q&A, and of course, as expected from marketers, a selfie. Please join the conversation by sharing your thoughts below.  


Missed this LBF Event? Catch the recording here! 


And we look forward to seeing you at our next “Let’s Be Frank” Event.