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Are organizations getting better at social engagement and reaping the rewards?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Lithium’s own Dayle Hall @DayleH, SVP of Marketing, teamed up with Bernie Borges, @BernieB, CMO of Vengreso, and recorded a 5-episode podcast series to help you cultivate a more focused marketing strategy in the world of B2B. These podcast episodes are under 20 minutes each; a snackable audio track you can listen to whenever you please!


With the current state of social, are organizations getting better at social engagement and reaping the rewards?


“The reality is, only when we stop and listen can we truly help our brands get more from their digital and social investments.” – Dayle Hall (@DayleH)


This past spring, Lithium conducted an in-depth analysis of 70 global brands across 8 industries, tracking 342 social channels in total. Here are three of the most fascinating findings:

  1. 98% of brands are still in broadcast mode, focused on pushing their message on organic and paid social instead of truly engaging.
  2. Only 1% of brands build relationships with influencers, which is a crucial skill because they can help you with mitigating the effects of a crisis.
  3. 73% of brands use Facebook and 63% use Twitter, however they completely ignore other social channels including Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

 In this episode 4 with @BernieB and @DayleH, "The State of Social Engagement," they dive further into these findings, taking a look introspectively at their own marketing tactics as well as the overarching industry today.


We hope you enjoy episode 4 of our podcast series!

Tune in next week to find out what happens “When Sales and Marketing Get Aligned.”