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Knowledge & Support improvements are now live!

Retired Community Manager

We know that as social and community professionals, you’re constantly managing dozens of conversations, projects, and requests at once. When you need help or want to find relevant information, you need it fast.


One of our goals in the first half of this year was to make several enhancements to the self-service experience on our community. To achieve this, we've redesigned the Knowledge & Support and Documentation landing pages to improve navigation and enable you to drill down directly to specific products. We’ve also created a one-stop shop for those of you needing product support directly from Lithium.




We’re very excited to announce these improvements are live today! Keep reading for an overview of the recent changes.




Knowledge & Support

The Knowledge & Support landing page has been completely redesigned to provide you easy access to documentation around our main products and features, popular resources, and discussion areas where you can connect and get assistance from the community.  


Contact Lithium Support

This new one-stop shop replaces the original Introduction to Support page. At a glance, you can now access all Lithium Support related information, references and resources, as well as direct links to the Case Portal to view and manage your cases and products. You can navigate to this page directly from and we highly recommend bookmarking this page for future reference.


Thanks to @triSolutionFuse and his team at Doan Designs for their help developing these improvements!



Since reinventing Lithium documentation a while back, @JohnD and @SuzieH have been hard at work continuing to grow the number of help articles around all of our products and features. They have been so prolific that the Documentation area had become a bit daunting to navigate.


We’re happy to announce you will no longer need to scroll endlessly through all the available categories and knowledge bases. You can now select your topic of interest right above the fold, view clear descriptions, and drill down to the category of your choice to view relevant TKBs, which can then be expanded to browse articles within. Clicking an article title takes you directly to the article page.



Thanks to @ram00n and @luk from Glowing Blue, a new branch of focused on innovating social communities using the Lithium platform, for partnering with us on the complete redesign of our Documentation pages. You might recognize 89grad as part of the team who won our first ever customer & partner Hackathon last year. They’ll be at LiNC’15 and Hackathon participants again this year if you’re interested in connecting with them!


We hope you enjoy all of these enhancements - they are only the first phase of many others we have planned this year!


We look forward to your feedback and suggestions on how we can keep improving your self-service experience, so don’t hesitate to comment below.



Great stuff.. I really like the new UI, its actually very similar to what im working on for my own TKB 🙂 "limitation is the sincerest form of flattery 🙂 

Retired Community Manager

 Thanks @Fellsteruk ! Looking forward to seeing your revamped TKB as well, let us know when it's ready 🙂

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

It looks great, good job to all and to @ram00n and @luk !


Thanks @PaoloT! See you soon!