Lithium's Product Focus for 2012

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

robt-litho-icon.pngRob Tarkoff is President and CEO of Lithium, responsible for strategic direction and corporate vision. Rob joined in Sept 2011 from Adobe Systems, where he served as Snr VP and General Manager of the Digital Enterprise Solutions business unit.


On the Lithosphere he is RobT, and on Twitter you can follow him on @rtarkoff.



Since announcing the successful completion of a $53.4M round of funding led by NEA, many customers have been asking how we plan to put those new resources to work.  


The great news is we were already making rapid progress executing a plan to invest in additional product and sales capabilities.  This effort began several months ago and we continue to achieve key milestones along that journey.  I thought I would highlight a few.


Our near term investments will focus on the following key areas:


  • Social Support – with more than twice the number of active communities of our nearest competitor, Lithium is the hands down leader in customer-facing communities that lower service delivery costs and increase customer satisfaction.  We will continue to invest significant resources on delivering the best platform in the market for helping businesses host and manage social conversations that drive tangible business results…repeatedly.


  • Social Marketing – in the past few years we have built enthusiast communities that help leading brands like Sephora, Home Depot, and Aruba use social conversations to increase sales and get closer to their customers.  We will be continuing to add new capabilities and features for both end customers and marketing operations folks responsible for measuring and monitoring the impact of social customer experiences.


As we concentrate our energy in these areas, we will layer in a few product enhancements in the next few months that improve the way internal teams (customer support agents, marketing analysts, etc.) can use the Lithium platform to serve end customers. 


The majority of companies are not looking to us to provide a full-fledged internal collaboration platform, but do want a set of capabilities designed from the start with the end customer in mind that enable employees to use social conversations to deliver a better customer experience.  We see this as a natural progression.  


In 2012 we look forward to adding new ways for employees to join the conversation as we stay true to our external-facing heritage, where end-customer experience defines the design and development of our platform capabilities.