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Since I'm just about to dip onto Southwest Air to SXSW in Austin, TX, and because this year is dubbed the year of geolocal social media at SXSW, I'm juiced to announce that Lithium has integrated Foursquare into its award-winning community software.


What does this mean?  Well it means that Lithium community customers can finally see real-time comments from in-store customers. 


Foursquare_Int.pngLithium lets every brand with a brick-and-mortar presence drive the most extreme multi-channel engagement possible by bringing offline activities into the online sphere. And online users from a certain location - oh, let's just say, for example, Emeryville, CA - can now see what's going on at stores in their area.


More importantly, Lithium-hosted online communities can now remind users where there are great brick-and-mortar outlets to serve them and harness the best comments to show off those outlets.


We've embedded the first iteration of our Foursquare app here to the right. This simplified version of the Lithium Foursquare app simply shows the current activity at Lithium HQ: while I'm busy in the Lithosphere I can still see what my colleagues are saying as they roll into the office.


The widget scrolls as new comments come in from the "real world". More fully-featured versions of our Foursquare app show the Mayors of specified locations, rotate through a chosen set of locations, and show the hottest offline locations (number of people checking in) to online customers.


As always, Lithium is a Superuser in all things social. 


BTW, if you're at SXSW this weekend, and want to chat about Lithium just hit me up on Twitter @daddymention  - looking forward to it. 




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Cool. Looks like a great addition to the platform. Congrats.

Respected Contributor

This looks great.  So the expanded version allows the location to be selected by the end-user, correct?  Is this similar to the twitter integration in that we'll be able to pull in content from foursquare - for example, if someone posts a tip, and someone else wants to comment on it and start a discussion, will they be able to create a new thread or is more like a newsfeed?


Great job!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



Right now the integration is mainly a delighter for fans on your community that allows you to remind people that you also have a vibrant brick and mortar presence. Both of the use cases that you suggest might be next options. Most definitely. I'd love to talk to you directly if you're interested in integrating a widget like this.

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