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blog_vday_klout14.pngOh, the joys of Valentine’s Day. Those of us who have a special someone fret over roses or chocolates, a night out at a restaurant we know will be over-crowded and underwhelming, and whether to just stay casual or debut some romantic new bedtime apparel. Those of us who don’t have a special someone avoid crowds out of fear of being spotted as single, make a mad dash to find a hand to hold for the evening, or sit at home alone with said chocolates convinced next year will be better.


At least this year, we have Fifty Shades of Grey debuting in theaters. 


In any case, if you’re looking for love or just to make your relationships better—and avoid a life that is fifty shades of boring—you may want to check out these 14 (for February 14 natch!) love, romance, and relationship experts on social media. 


Klout has put together the “who’s-who” of trusted online experts this Valentine’s Day, to suggest some last minute romantic ideas, help people make this their last-ever “Single’s Awareness Day” or simply spread a little extra love and encouragement.


The list ranges from internationally syndicated sexpert and LGBT activist Dan Savage (with an impressive Klout score of 85) to Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger  (who clocks in at 82), as well as stalwart standbys like Dr. Ruth  (who at the age of 86 has a Klout score of 67!) and the “original Carrie Bradshaw,” Sex and the City writer Candace Bushnell (whose Klout score of 51 rounds out the list). Followers are sure to be well prepared to celebrate love this year on social media.


So here is our special Valentine’s Day Klout 14.

Cheers to learning something from them to help your own love life! 



Klout Score

Dan Savage



Patti Stanger



Dr. Drew



Dr. Phil



Violet Blue



Steven Ward



Dr. Ruth



Dr. Alduan Tartt



Rachel Kramer Bussel



Twanna A. Hines



Amy Alkon



Debby Herbenick



Meredith Goldstein



Candace Bushnell





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