Webcast Recap: Total Community - The business case for enterprise social engagement

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

In his recent webcast, Lithium’s VP of Social Strategy, Dave Evans (@DaveEv), took a look at Total Community through the lens of applicable business cases. The webcast kicked off with a breakdown of Total Community’s components, Klout, Lithium Social Intelligence, and Lithium Social Web, and how to use them to engage customers, syndicate data, and attract experts to create superior customer experiences.



According to Dave, a complete customer experience platform combines listening, response, and customer relationship management to provide a single, cohesive view of that customer. A fully integrated experience management platform encourages traffic flow from off-domain sources—the brand outposts and independent social applications—to on-domain, where you are building your own customer programs.


However, many companies are lacking a scalable, robust method to connect and engage the experts and the knowledge they command with the high-valued customers who need it. The opportunity for customer support and expert involvement extends beyond care and marketing. Using the same core technology, your organization can tap into conversations associated with the sales process well in advance on an actual sale, at that critical point where consideration is still in play and choices are still being vetted.



Knowing this, how do you tap your Total Community?

  • Syndicate actionable business intelligence
  • Use monitor walls to share
  • Build a total community roadmap


Want more insights?

You can view the webcast on-demand-- we’re making it available right here in the community. Check it out to hear Dave’s best practices, real business examples, and personal insights.



The conversation continues…

While webcasts allow for real-time Q&A, in the spirit of Total Community, we’d like to extend the opportunity for more questions.  Dave, along with other experts and influencers, is here to answer any follow-up questions you might have. So, please join the conversation by asking your question in the comments section below.