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Copying Content Between Calendars

Scenario: You work in the Germany Marketing team, the US team produces some great social posts you’d love to localise and use on your own social channels. The US team has given you permission, now you just need an easy way to copy the posts without having to download everything and re-upload it again. There’s an easy way in Khoros Marketing!

Prerequisites: You’ll need to have Publishing access in the Initiative you’ll be copying the content to and you’ll need View access to the Initiative you’ll be copying from. Your Administrator can check this in the User tab of the Company Settings. 


  1. Start in the Initiative that you’d like to copy the post to (in our scenario the Germany initiative), not the one you’ll be copying the post from (US). You can check which Initiative you’re in using the picker in the top right corner.  





  1. Next click on the Calendar tab and click on Filters. 





  1. Find the filter for Initiative and click the drop-down. 


  1. Within the drop-down, find the Initiative you’d like to copy from (US in our scenario). 





The posts from that Initiative should now overlay on your calendar. 


  1. Click on a post to open the sidebar, then click the … button to reveal the Copy option. 





The Publish window will open, with the post image / video, text and labels already applied. 


  1. Select the account you wish to publish from, adjust any other details then click Schedule. 




You’re all set! The post is ready to go and will follow the usual approval paths for your Initiative. 

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Re: Copying Content Between Calendars

Hi @DanM, this is super helpful - thanks! Can you outline the process for granting a user Publishing access in one Initiative and Viewer access in another? I always thought that the same User Role applies across all Initiatives that person has access to. Thanks, Eliza 

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Khoros Staff DanM
Khoros Staff

Re: Copying Content Between Calendars

Hi Eliza


Glad you found it useful! 

You're right that it's not a function of the role, rather the Initiatives & Account Sets that have been assigned to the user. Your Admin would need complete the following steps to set you up:


Go to the Company Settings and click on the Users tab. 

Find you in the list then click the Ellipsis icon and select Edit User. 

Scroll down to to Step 3 and click on the Initiatives drop down. From here they need to find the Initiative they'd like you to be able to view and select it. 

As long as they don't add the Account Sets from that Initiative, you won't gain the ability to publish or edit on any of the accounts within that Initiative. 

Please Note: adding this access will also give you view access to the reporting for that Initiative within the Analytics tab, so you'd need to ensure they're happy with that! 

Hope this helps! 

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