2020 Customer Awards: Hikma Pharmaceuticals - Best-in-Class: Marketing

2020 Customer Awards: Hikma Pharmaceuticals - Best-in-Class: Marketing

Company: Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Company background: Hikma helps put better health within reach every day for millions of people in more than 50 countries around the world. For more than 40 years, we've been creating high-quality medicines and making them accessible to the people who need them. Headquartered in the UK, we are a global company with a local presence across the United States (US), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Europe, and we use our unique insight and expertise to transform cutting-edge science into innovative solutions that transform people's lives. We're committed to our customers, and the people they care for, and by thinking creatively and acting practically, we provide them with a broad range of branded and non-branded generic medicines. Together, our 8,600 colleagues are helping to shape a healthier world that enriches all our communities. We are a leading licensing partner, and through our venture capital arm, are helping bring innovative health technologies to people around the world.

Contact: Deena Fawzy

Title: Corporate Digital Manager

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Kudos Category: Best-in-Class: Marketing

1. Tell us about your unique marketing campaign and/or promotion as well as your goal and key strategies.
Hikma’s purpose is to put better health, within reach, every day through providing affordable, quality medicines to the people that need them. Everything we do is defined by quality and we combine our global expertise with our strong local presence to ensure that everything is delivered with 

consistency to the communities that we serve across Europe, MENA and the US.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of generic medicines in helping those most in need.  Our flexibility means that we have been able to adapt to the needs of healthcare providers to ensure that all our customers and patients continue to be well served by Hikma.  We have played a critical role in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, running our plants 24/7 in order to produce the vital drugs our customers need.

Recognising that people in the MENA were far from knowledgeable about the risks of COVID-19 and the necessary precautionary measures, we launched a public health awareness campaign. Our aim was to help prevent the spread of the virus and outline how Hikma has been helping in the fight against COVID-19.

2. Share your plan with the target audience and how your digital technology (e.g. social media management platform) helped drive success for the campaign.
With a connected, young population demographic in MENA, we chose to run our awareness campaign on social media as an effective tool for reaching our target audience. The objective was to run targeted messages to MENA users as well as global messages to our followers from Europe and US.

To raise awareness among predominantly younger people, the work would have to be fresh and concise. Each social media post told a fragment of the narrative we were trying to tell but collectively worked together to create an overarching message. We ran a series of image and video posts with tips to ‘help stop the spread of #COVID19’ as well as a series of ‘#HikmaCares about helping in the fight against #COVID19’ posts to inform our audience about the actions in each country or region where we have played in important role in the response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Looking to produce strong and brand-aligning content that attracted the attention of our external stakeholders, our four month-long campaign focused on distributing this content through Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to increase customer engagement and drive traffic to our corporate website,

The Khoros platform was essential in helping our team schedule, plan and measure campaign performance for global content across all our social media channels. Operating within a highly regulated environment, the strong governance capabilities of the platform ensured that our social media posts also had necessary legal, regulatory and medical approvals as well as content validation from the brand team.

3. What were the results? Tell us how it helped you serve customers, protect your brand and/or grow your business (increased subscribers, engagement increase, increased awareness).

The campaign achieved standout results through the strategic use of non-promoted social media content. In the first three months, the campaign led to a 25% increase in organic traffic to (170K users) with our news piece ‘Update regarding COVID-19’ becoming the highest viewed page on the website since its launch in March 2018 (55% higher views than the previously most viewed news). The targeted MENA campaign for Arabic speakers had 73% higher engagement rate on posts on Facebook than average content performance.

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