2020 Customer Awards: Vox Telecom - Keep Calm and Carry On

2020 Customer Awards: Vox Telecom - Keep Calm and Carry On


Company: Vox Telecom

Company background: Vox prides itself on technical expertise, innovation and the delivery of superior product quality. Vox is regarded as a leading innovator in the industry and takes full responsibility for all implemented technology and systems, from concept to installation. Specialist product managers are responsible for managing their respective portfolios, ensuring continuous research and development and adherence to the highest standards. The Vox Service Center is a 24/7/365 operation that not only offers immediate support for all customers, but also continuously monitors all of Vox’s networks and infrastructure to ensure that quality of service is always maintained. An extensive team of account managers and technical engineers are employed in each regional office, ensuring local service and timely implementation of solutions.

Contact: Kay Korff

Title: Customer Service Manager

Kudos Category: Keep Calm and Carry On

1. How did your team shift your existing strategy to better engage customers during a crisis?
Instead of being responsive to customers impacted by service disruptions, we changed our strategy to a more pro-active approach. We achieved this by creating 2 separate social media pages to better engage with customers who might have been impacted by a service disruption.

2. What operational processes did you create or change to respond in a time of crisis?
By creating Vox Customer Service Facebook page and @VoxTalk2us Twitter page we give constant feedback to our customers regarding precinct specific service disruptions, we have eliminated the need for the customer to contact the support centre and instil confidence in the Vox brand.

3. What success metrics did you use to determine if your shifts in strategy and process had the desired outcomes? What were those quantifiable outcomes?
Vox has successfully been able to divert 198 conversations related to service disruptions away from the Vox Marketing page on to the Vox Customer Service Facebook page within the last 28 days, which allowed our Sales and Marketing teams to focus their attention on the Sales related queries.